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October 12, 2009

a wonderful site has been born. the first of its kind.

it’s pretty obvious what this is right?

rather this being a place where we share info with you, we wanted this to be a place for everyone to share any info, thoughts, pictures, on the babies, or even your own!

so feel free to share any stories about your own babies, happy or sad.
> after all, we all share that intense love for cute babies.
> check out the testimonial page where you can share short, random thoughts 🙂

if you’re still a lil confused, check out our ABOUT page
if you’re even more confused, check out the cute profiles of the amazing babies of yg.

& if you believe in our cause, join our FANCLUB!
> just fill out the membership info at the fanclub members page
> you might be in for surprises later :]

we encourage member interaction! there’s always cute stories to share :]

now go have fun with your pets. remember: they’ll never hate you – they’ll love you no matter what

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  1. Isabella permalink
    October 27, 2011 7:31 pm

    oh my goodness i want a korean baby so bad now and a dog like gaho and boss i wouldent mind taeyang liveing with me too^.^

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