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BIG BANG NII Winter Making Of ft. Gaho & Boss

November 20, 2009

i love NII for making these cute films. & i love the boys for being such cute & playful dorks. such great daddies & uncles =]

  • Uncle TOP messing w/ GAHO while he’s sleeping. i swear i’d have a tendency to play w/ his wrinkles too! haha, but dang, he does it soo roughly. Uncle… stop! (note the giant hat collection before the GAHO/TOP part)
  • GAHO seems to be getting picked on a lot – daddy jiyong starts pulling at his legs preventing him from leaving. why yes, that is a very smart idea, daddy… (seungri swinging that thing around like a stripper almost xD)
  • then jiyong starts boxing w/ BOSS using the giant teddy bear! who’s winning huh? x]
  • it almost looked like BOSS was gonna kiss his dad again, but then he musta realized he’s older now, & not a little one anymore to get away from it. awww, DENIED lol.
  • lol i love when jiyong makes that pouty face, it almost looks like GAHO & then he smiles instead & GAHO’s face gets all smushed x] so cute <33
  • BOSS gets some loving pets from uncle DAESUNG & then gets fed by TAEYANG haha <33 ooo, close up on the face!
  • that teddy bear is getting extra loving from all the boys & the babies. lookie BOSS running in circles after the bear. stop teasing me, uncle jiyong!!
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  1. November 20, 2009 2:37 pm

    HEEHEE! GD is so mean.. lol;
    Boss running after it..
    &nd aww.. no kissy for baby boss
    anymore?!;.. gosh.. i’m loving this! ❤

  2. ciacia3011 permalink
    December 1, 2009 8:08 am

    My fav thing bout ur blog is the way u explain every single act or scene bout them…
    so amusing n perfect!!!

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