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With Love, From GD

March 25, 2010

GD left a message on this signed album jacket to the lovely caretakers of GAHO @ the Doggie Academy:

to Hanam Training Academy

Please take care of Gaho

He’s like a brother to me ㅠ.ㅠ

❤ GD

& so it has finally come out…

sighhh…. i’m still reminded by a comment a friend said about jiyong’s fluffy curls – how they’re soft & should be made into a pillow…. >_< lol

anyway, this was the purpose i made the poll for, & G-Dragon appa (as i will always refer him as) has claimed Gaho as a brother! aghh!

but it also coincides w/ Kwon Umma (not me, jiyong’s mom LOL) calling jiyong “hyung” when she was talking to Gaho (it sounds weird, i know, but if you watched GD TV, you know what i’m talking about)

this pic was from a while ago, but i finally got around to sharing it w/ you all after i could figure out what to say about it hehe

anyways, now you know! (but he could always just be saying that…. lol)

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  1. enji permalink
    January 31, 2012 2:45 pm

    ehh?? ummm when did i get here??nevermind hey i wanna ask is gaho is female or male?

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