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ygbabies: a humble blog dedicated to the furry/prickly, 4-pawed critters of YG Family.

oh, we’re including the babies of YG too, as in the children: the next generation from YG!

we made this b/c we wanted a place to allow interaction with all the fans of these lovely beings who deserve special attention simply b/c they get to spend quality time with our favorite k-stars when we can’t. oh, & also cuz they’re cute :]

this is also a place for you to share your love for animals &/or cute babies. have any stories, pictures, experiences, whatever to share, this is the place for you =]

so please help spread the love~ & drop by whenever you’re feeling down. being around animals & cute kids sure brightens anyone’s day.

NOTE: ‘babies’ is used interchangeably at this site.
we could be talking about children, or mostly babies as in our lovable pets


  • a few friends who have a huge love for animals, particularly the ones that keep our kpop celebs company & busy by having their owners clean up after them.
  • since we love finding updates on the lives of the stars, we’ve already gotten used to paying particular attention to the lives & well-beings of these YG babies. so why not collect all our thoughts together in one place for all to see?!^^


  • we’re always looking to add writers to  our team, so please send us an email (check the sidebar for contact info) & let us know what you’d like to contribute!
  • you could submit stories, pictures, info, etc. about your babies & we’ll put them up for the fanclub members to see^^
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  1. jxxviii permalink
    October 23, 2009 3:16 am

    I’d just like to say hi, I found your blog just tonight and I love it!! ^^ I’m a biig fan of BB and 2NE1 especially, and their pets.. Ddo Chi, Gaho and Boss.. their owners are flippin cool, it obviously they’re pretty spiffy too X ) er.. sorry for commenting so much, just that you posts are making me squeal like a crazy because of the cuteness overload : ) Thanks again, most likely you’ll see be snooping around here often if that’s ok with you X )

  2. jEwElS yAng permalink
    November 21, 2009 4:55 am



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