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Why Gaho Hasn’t Been Home

March 8, 2010

poor baby… when i read this, i was sorta in denial. but the reason why GAHO’s been spending time at this “dog academy training center” is because jiyong has been busy… it made sense when jiyong was in japan a few months back.

but the reason why his stay has been lengthened is because GAHO HAD SURGERY! T_T

GAHO had gotten CHERRY EYE, so he had to have surgery to remove it. you can see part of it on his right eye in the above picture.

cherry eye is when part of a gland is exposed to the air & becomes infected & inflamed, thus getting a “cherry” gland prolapse.

the surgery is fairly simple, so no harm was done to my baby.

this is why he’s spend the past 4 months at the academy. & also because he’s had some side effects post-surgery, where he became sensitive to the drugs & would “bump into walls & such when he walked around” T_T

i’m so sad! but it has been reported that gaho is back to his daddy jiyong. THANK GOODNESS!

i’m glad you’re okay now, but i definitely appreciate the training academy for taking such good care of gaho. <33

more pix under the cut —->

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Playing In The Snow

March 6, 2010

i just want to catalog my growing GAHO~ it’s his first time playing in the snow!

don’t forget, he’s still a puppy! he’s about 7 1/2 months now? (at the time this was taken)

big man of the house!

shall we climb over this thing?

yes, let’s!~

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He’s Lonely

March 5, 2010

let me tell you a story~~~

i go to the front door every day to see if i can find someone to play with…

hmph… 기성 형 is hiding from me… i must go find him.

wahah!~ here’s a door! i wonder if he’s in here….

yeshhhh! i got it open! *squeezes through*

형!!~~~ come play with me~ >3<


that is a scary face he sports. here’s an example of how lighting on the wrinkles can make you look.. funny xD

Baby Macho

February 14, 2010

When Ji Yong brought Macho over to his family’s, September 14 2008.

Macho sleeping on Kwon Umma‘s belly ^^.

You can see Ji Yong sitting in the back with his obvious tattoo~

Dami (Ji Yong’s nuna) really wanted to keep Macho. But Kwon Appa said “No… 쯧!! ㅡㅡ; Didn’t I say you can’t?!” ><. I bet she would be giving the love and attention it deserves!

Hey Kush! Where are you hiding Macho?! :@

More pictures of Macho with his Brother Boss here.

Hayul, the Flower Boy

February 10, 2010

God’s gift, Hayul=Joy

Boys Over Flowers

“Flowers looks good on Hayul ^^”

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Secret Camera of Taeyang Cuddling A Girl

February 8, 2010

uh-oh!!! who could the lucky lady be?! special enough to have taeyang on the floor with her on his lap?!

it’s none other than YGBABIES‘ own HAEUM ^_^

sorry, didn’t mean to scare ya xD  these pix were taken back stage of BIGBANG’s 2010 BIGSHOW Concert.

as you can see, bae’s sitting on the floor enjoying himself. he makes a comfy couch for haeum >3<

lil bro HARANG, aka lil Taeyang is standing right by his hyung!

i think this is TOP making a blurry appearance in this shot xD

check out more pix under the cut!! —————->

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What GAHO Does Best

February 4, 2010

as if you didn’t already know lol. he’s taking a nap of course! sleeping as always – that’s what Gaho does best.

i love the fact that sharpeis don’t really have that much fur. look at the smooth belly~

it’s cute how his legs are straight. i really want to tug on them!

i’m glad that he can nap so blissfully. he really is a lucky dog, blessed w/ a loving family^^

more pix under the cut ——>

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